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Project History

The concept for improving transportation in the southeast portion of the Des Moines metropolitan area began in early 1970 and was referenced in the following transportation studies:

  • November 1984 — Year 2020 Street and Highway Plan for the Des Moines Urbanized Area
  • July 1994 — Revised Initial 1990 Des Moines Urbanized Area Transportation Plan
  • October 1994 — Horizon Year 2020 Transportation Development Report

The Southeast Diagonal Corridor Study— Project Location and Major Investment Study was a preliminary location study conducted in 1999 by the City of Des Moines.

An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the proposed alignment were completed between 2005 and 2010.

The SE Connector is the follow-up project to this study. The SE Connector consists of multiple projects, which include final design and construction of:

  • Roadway improvements between SW 2nd Street to SE 9th Street,
    including a new bridge over the Des Moines River (Opened 2010)
  • Roadway improvements from SE 9th Street to SE 15th Street (Opened 2015)
  • Roadway improvements from SE 15th Street to SE 30th Street,
    including new bridges over existing railroad tracks (Opened 2016)
  • Roadway improvements and floodplain mitigation between Pleasant Hill Boulevard and US 65 (Opened 2021)
  • Roadway improvements from SE 30th Street to the new U.S. 65 bypass (In Final Design)

When completed, the SE Connector project will link Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway (MLK) to U.S. Highway 65.

Southeast Connector - Des Moines, IA

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